Hiding Behind Amazon Salt Water River

Hiding Behind Amazon Salt Water River

South America has The Amazon—the second longest river in the world. Here, in the far east of Indonesia, they also have its miniature – The Passage.

You will not find fresh water here. Sip it, and it’s definitely salt, because it is actually part of the ocean – The Kabui Strait. “Can you find the entrance?” ask Mei – our local people friend. Feel challenged my eyes scans through our surroundings to find an answer. It took me several minutes to realize this simple question has actually hard answer. Its entrance well camouflaged with surrounding environment. Thick forest on the sea verge will trick your very eyes. Guessing will eventually leads you to despair.

“So where is it?” I ask confusedly. “Just look forward,” she said. “We are heading there.” With a smile on her lips, she added.

30 minutes has passed, and, “This is the answer.” She said to me – with her arms wide open – in front of our boat. This is the 30 minutes ride to 30 meters width gate – an answer to my Passage.
Smell of the ocean blending very well with the smell of the trees, creating a scent of herbal fragrances along our waterway. Cone-like small coral island scattered everywhere, each, overgrown with the trees. Inside of some of them, hide Swiftlets cave. Best kept secret caves from outsider, also, insider.

“This is called underwater cave.” Said Mr. Oya whilst point his index finger to the solid wall in front of us. “Are you sure?” I ask him in doubt. “Just jump into the water. Dive a bit, and you’ll get to the cave behind this rock!” he added.

Curious, I dive one meter deep for 30 seconds, and voila! I already inside the cave systems as Mr. Oya said. Only few people know this cave. Since the caves is livelihood for some people, therefore, it’s existence always kept secret. Even Mr. Dodo, who has been working as a guide for 10 years never know this cave truly exist—not, until Mr. Oya revealed it to us.

“Decades ago, some caves over The Passage is the most scariest place of our village,” said Amel.
It demands somebody’s life all the time. To whom aren’t lucky enough, will be forced to give their life in a painful way. They’ll be wrapped in its slimy long hand, then be drowned slowly by two deadly giant octopus lived here. Now they are all dead and gone, poisoned by villagers.

Can you imagine how it feels if you face those two while you pay visit to The Passage? Better don’t, because it is unimaginable. [BEM]


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